Giovanni Ferrara

Giovanni began his career after earning a finance degree from St. John’s University as a Co-founder and chief compliance officer of, an SEC licensed online stock trading brokerage on Wall street in 1999.  Following 11 successful years in 2010 the firm was acquired by LightSpeed Financial. Following the sale Mr. Ferrara went on to Co-own of Turnkey broker & Co-owner and founder of, an online broker-dealer specializing in offering free stock trading to online traders. Over the years, Giovanni held series 7, 63, 24, and 55 licenses.

Aside from his past experience in the securities market, Giovanni comes from a family of large scale builders and has a thorough knowledge of the business, so naturally he started his involvement in real estate development.  Although he maintains a hands-on approach with the day to day construction activities, his primary focus is on compliance, managing consultants and the entitlement process. Giovanni lives in Brooklyn and bring a tremendous amount of value with navigating the development process and building long sound relations.